TrackRat Recording is my project studio located in Lake Stevens, WA, about 30 miles north of Seattle. I've been recording, mixing, mastering and producing local rock music for 20+ years.

mixing / mastering / recording

I no longer have the time available to record bands so I focus on mixing and mastering. For bands who record themselves, a mix engineer with fresh ears and perspective can be a huge benefit to your project. If you choose to mix your own recording, I can master it for you... every stage of music production benefits from fresh perspective.

Vocals are much less time-consuming to record than an entire band so if you lack a good space to record vocals, you can record them here. I have an acoustically-treated room, great vocal mics and Neve 1073 (clone) mic-pre's.


A lot of production occurs in the mixing process. If your recorded tracks are well isolated, a lot can be done with the overall sound. If you would like help with pre-production to emphasize certain elements or achieve a specific sound, contact me before you record and I'll be happy to help you plan your project so you get the product you want.

What we call "production" has changed a lot over the years. Here's a great article on how the digital age has changed the role of production: When Does The Production Happen? (by Larry Crane, TapeOp #120)


I consider all work with artists a collaboration. Music production should be enjoyable so I only work on projects I'll be happy working on. Likewise, artists should only work with collaborators who understand what they're going for. If you have a project that I may be able to help with, send me a message. - Bill