about the engineer

I began as a guitarist playing in many styles of rock bands. As those bands recorded, I became interested in audio engineering. Coming from a d.i.y./punk-rock ethic, I like bands recorded playing together and avoid editing and correcting the idiosyncrasies that make a band who they are.

I'm most influenced by 90's rock production styles; when punk, metal, garage, funk, ska, reggae and classic rock styles all became ingredients for interesting and unique new variations of rock music. Producers and engineers who have inspired me are Butch Vig, Jack Endino, Steve Albini, Joe Barresi, Terry Date, Silvia Massy, Conrad Uno, to name a few.


I recorded rock bands for about 15 years, usually very quickly due to time restraints and small budgets.  I grew tired of the rushed pace and stopped recording bands a few years ago but continue to engineer and produce my own projects and projects for friends and aquaintances.

The studio has always been a small, personal operation, not a full-time business. I keep a day job and work on music projects in my free time.