The studio is spread out through my home in Lake Stevens, WA. The control room is in a loft area and one bedroom is specifically acoustically treated for isolated vocal recording.

Recording is in a pc-based DAW with Cakewalk by BandLab (formerly Cakewalk Sonar Platinum) and PreSonus StudioOne software. MOTU and PreSonus are used for DAW I/O and 500-series analog outboard gear for recording and warming up DAW audio tracks. Monitoring is through a pair of Focal Twin6 Be's with matching Focal SUB6 subwoofer. Here's more on the latest gear.

control room


(2) Heritage Audio HA73jr mic-pre (Neve 1073 clone), (2) Rupert Neve Designs 542 Tape Emulator, (2) Empirical Labs EL-8X-S Distressor, (2) Rupert Neve Designs 543 Compressor/Limiter, Rupert Neve Designs 551 Inductor EQ, dbx 520 de-esser, dbx 560A compressor, Radial EXTC, Lexicon MX200, MOTU 896mk3 Hybrid + PreSonus DigiMax FS, MOTU MIDI Express XT, Focal Twin6 Be + Focal SUB6 monitors, Mackie MR5 mk2 monitors, PreSonus Central Station, Radial JDI Duplex DI; Radial ProRMP Re-Amper,  Suhr Reactive Load, Two-Notes C.A.B., Tech21 SansAmp RPM, Mackie HMX 56 headphone mixer,  Sennheiser HD 280 headphones.

Mics: Shure SM7B, Mojave Audio MA-200, Beyerdynamic M160, Sennheiser MD421, Sennheiser e609, Shure SM58, Shure SM57 (x4), Oktava MC012 (x2), E/V PL35 (x4), E/V  PL33, AKG C3000, AKG Perception 120, AudioTechnica ATM-25

DAW: Intel i7 4.0GHz 32gb, Cakewalk by BandLab [Sonar Platinum], PreSonus Studio One v4.5, Magix Sound Forge 12. Antares, BBE, FabFilter, Lexicon, Native Instruments, Toontrack, Voxengo and Waves plugins and sample libraries.